We Are What We Speak, Where is the Positivity?

Welcome back and thanks for being here to read my post today! I wanted to share that recently I saw a post on my FB feed, and it was a simple topic about the price of gas right now, but it was filled with negativity and President bashing over their ideas of why gas is $2.90 a gallon. (This is NOT political content.) My first instinctual thought was, “Gosh, this is so negative, why aren’t they posting that they are grateful it’s not $4 or $5 a gallon. I replied as such and a comment stated, “just wait, it’s coming”. WOW, people? Today, another post, different topic came over my feed and it stated the following: “My problem is…I expect “Me” out of people”.

Being Truly Patsy
The World Needs Your Light!

This thought, hit me like a ton of bricks and it was then very clear, that “is” my problem, could it be yours too?

Look, we all have opinions, ideas, frustrations, outlooks, reasons, hopes, and dreams (yikes) just trying to cover my bases for a broad readership. What we do not have is enough POSITIVE outlooks, and that my friends, is so very sad.

If you expect YOU out of the behavior of others, it is unrealistic thinking, I have been thinking unrealistically and am not afraid to admit it. What I can tout, is that because I am not considered the following, I feel as if my viewpoint is more flexible and yes, reasonable. Tough if you do not like it.

I am not: narrow-minded, racist, hard-hearted (for the most part, only about super personal issues), unempathetic, dishonest, narcissistic, over-political in my views, Pollyanna, unforgiving, or irrational. There is more, but I do not want to tout too harshly.

Our world is about to implode and then explode all over God’s universe that was created for our viewing pleasure, we as a historic group of well-wishers and assholes speak the worst ugliness out into the cosmos and expect what back exactly, results, accolades? Are you kidding me, we deserve what we have coming to us, so, who are you, a hopeful and positive or a defeatist with an angry right brain and a self-absorbed left brain? STOP, stop it now…what are you thinking, bitching, and moaning will do for you, whining and complaining all the time about what you cannot control in the big scheme of things? Your thoughts and ideas matter, but what if you conveyed them more gently and steadfastly, what if you started with a positive on the flip side or a compliment or even, God forbid, a sharing of what you are grateful for.

If the latter were the case, our relationships both personal, work, and politics would be on a much more supported foundation of gratitude and hopefulness. Why is this so hard for people to realize?

Here is what I hear:

“I suck at this, why do I bother.”

“I don’t want help, it’s not my way.”

“I know that I am right so nothing else matters, you don’t matter.”

“You are wrong, that will “never” work.”

“I am allowed my opinion so don’t judge me.”

“I wish we could just all get along.”

“Why is it so hard for us to come together?”

All these statements are valid, but ask yourselves, how do you speak those thoughts, your tone of voice, your ability to be open to another thought process, your empathy for others and their circumstances. Are you so apathetic and dogged in your way that you forget the world is made up of millions upon millions of individuals like you that want to be heard about the same subject, but not lambasted because of the way they think them or their beliefs?

Instead of hate, there is love and empathy. Instead of retribution, there is forgiveness. Instead of stupidity and double standards, we take a moment and consider what our fellow person must be going through. You never know what goes on in someone’s mind, or behind closed doors. Did you lose a loved one and not share, then how do we know why you are sad? Did you lose your job and are uncertain about your obligations and that put you in a defensive and brash mood? Get it off your chest with someone you trust that has a positive outlook to share. The fact is people, we do not know anything except what we have been groomed to believe by our families, the news, social media.

STOP, take a second, third, or even fourth look at a situation, and put yourselves in the shoes of others as it were. BE KIND, be generous of spirit, find a little beauty and hopefulness in a bad situation. STOP, listen, open your ears, the world is crying for LOVE, healing, compassion. STOP, bitching about the little things, lift your words higher, lift your neighbor with kindness, lift yourself to a level of hope and a grateful expectation that your positivity will lend a breeze of light, to someone who needs a miracle right now. STOP the HATE. Be respectful and if you cannot, step away and move on.

Respect the ideas of others, you will not be wrong in that. Remember your tone of voice matters, you are in no position to judge anyone, lest ye be judged by who does matter. Set your expectations realistically when it comes the opinions of others from yours.

Stop, look, listen, be hopeful and grateful, respectful, and kind and most of all be generous of your beautiful spirit because you are beautiful in your special way.

Yours truly, Patsy