Love & Kindness are the guideposts in which we should all aspire to put out into the world every single day. The secret is to be grateful, find the lightness in the dark landscape in which we are planted these days. Who do you want to be, how do you want to be remembered? If you don’t believe that you are enlightened enough or self-aware enough to become a positive beacon in the world or in your corner of it, then “learn” how to be. It’s unfortunate to say, but if you live any other way than in love, gratefulness, forgiveness, and in hope, you really aren’t living at all.

Where is “your” light, what color is it, what will others see when you cast your light on the road of life you travel? Will your light cast only dark shadows or will it cast a brightness and hues of love & kindness? All the positive and shiny ways to be that give out warmth, smiles, laughter, friendship, and hope. Rise above, be better than your circumstances and criticizers, be stronger than you think you are, become a wonderful surprise to the universe and to yourself. Leave a mark that only brings joy and light.

Guiding Light

These times that we are in don’t have to define us as weak, insecure, afraid, sad, angry people; but resilient, giving, firm footed, thoughtful and mindful people.

~Yours Truly, Patsy Dale (Always keeping faith)