©January 1, 2008, by Patsy Dale Henson

It is a new day, a NEW PATH to consider.  Some of us find ourselves in a rendering; incomplete, not moving in any direction.  Although renderings are certainly a form of art and beautiful, my view is that they are the beginning thoughts in the process.  So here I am at my age, still in the beginning thoughts of my life’s stages.  This does not sit well with me, so I have a plan, a life plan, a “big fat” commitment to only two, God and myself.  I will not fight the path any longer. I will walk only where I am of a clear conscience to do so and this will be my guiding light of the “fighting path” and the Lord will lead me.

Life’s path is uneasy, unfair, ineffective, unruly, and simply hard.  The promise is that we will have what we need when we need it most if only we believe.  I have always believed, but never walked the path that God set for me.  We are not omnipotent; we cannot always tell his path from one to the other, but we do know right from wrong. That feeling you get inside when you most certainly know that you are about to make the wrong choice for your right reasons or the right choice for the wrong reasons. Can you see my meaning, not easy this life; our gift from God, our precious mostly wasted, priceless gift.

We falter, and forget, we curse and gossip, we are not perfection, although that is what we aspire to be.  Plain and simply put, there is only “one” perfection and HE loves each of us as we should love him, without question and in his perfection.

~ Yours Truly, Patsy Dale