Your best is all you have and it is enough!

Updated: Aug 24 by Patsy Dale

Hello, I wanted to chime in about my thoughts on “Perfection At Work” topic. No one is perfect and as a woman of faith to me that is as factual as the sun coming up each day. What I find in its place, the efforts to be perfect and perfect in our work is that if we simply strive for perfection in our ethics, morality, and faith, we are more likely to succeed in whatever that may mean to us.

I hear all the time that a boss and their boss and the corporate uppers expect nothing short of perfection, therefore we are overworked with loss of love for our positions. When we own a business it’s a different story, we must do everything we can to keep running, even if on empty. Stress, frustration, and fear are not worthy of our lives, we must shine in our level of ethical expectations not only from ourselves but those that we work with and most importantly for the values we hold dear.

I get that life is complicated, “nothing is perfect” but we must not settle and if we do, then make it for something that is of some interest to us and that we find a source of personal wellbeing in what we do for our income. Passion is not a luxury it’s a choice, find your passion and work it into your job or on the side until you are at the point of being able to move on from your current job (if that is the case).

Perfection is unrealistic but striving for it is not. Give yourself permission to fail and succeed within your own limitations. Make no excuses as we can only do our best and nothing more, if your best gets the job well done then you have reached a level of personal best.

I use this mindset while working on my art and, if you think that it helps, well it rarely does. Creatives feel the need for perfection more deeply I believe, it’s visceral and innate within us as creators of our versions of art. As a painter and writer, there is no way I expect perfection, but I do expect that I will be honest and true to my vision; even if I’m not sure what that is while creating and usually not until done or as close to it as I can get and still feel a sense of completion.

Leave “perfection” to God or your higher power and once again I’ll say, “your best is all you have, so put your best forward every time”.

~ Yours Truly, Patsy Dale