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First, I would like to preface this page and the meaning of these links as “a simple sharing of good and helpful information”. There is nothing nefarious going on here, I just love to share great deals, cool stuff along with fun and healthy products.

Yes, most of these links were hand picked by me for the purposes I described, but, I do have an “affiliate” relationship, thereby, commissions / revenue stream. To be clear and up front, every penny earned goes to the nonprofit Personal Care Calling Services as a donation for every day operations costs.

Anything I list here I have used, consumed and worn and all have my personal stamp of approval. Those that know me would say that I have a discerning thoughtful process in choosing products to use. So help a nonprofit and click away right to your shopping cart payment information, go on, you can do it!

Mountain Rose Herbs is very special place, a wonderful online store to find your herbal products, DYI ingredients for your own products (sure start that herbal soap business!). Also, this is where I buy my Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in bulk. I use it for my food, my scrubs, and in the bath! The essential oils are simply the best too. Try their spices and loose teas, even, “hard to find items”. Enjoy Mountain Rose Herbs.


Layla $200 Off
Layla Copper Infused Bed

As an Artist I try to save money on my art supplies without giving way to inferior materials and Arteza art supplies is one of my favorite answers! Their metallic paints are simply stunning and I love their paint pens too! There are great gift ideas for your favorite creative type and great deals too. Give this product a try and help a charity at the same time. Shop Arteza today!


I just love Victoria Emerson wrap and cuff bracelets.

If you need a wake call, daily check-in call then I AM FINE is your answer. Give the gift of daily peace of mind!

Iamfine  - Checkin for loved ones who live alone

A Crafter’s inspiration and a Surprise all in one!

If you are a Blogger or Social Media Influencer, then you need SHAREASALE! Affiliate Marketing Platform! EARN, EARN, EARN! Do great things with your power!

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