Here, I have…get ready now! Sirloin meatloaf, (if you feel the need to have the recipe, then you will have to subscribe and request it, incentive kids!). Chunky red bliss mash and shredded asiago cheese. Then, roasted brussels with sweet potatoes and sweet onion. Finally, the most amazing fennel roasted beets. It’s not a 4th BBQ but believe me, we did not miss it all with this meal.

Sirloin Meatloaf Roasted Beats and Brussels

This dish was one of my all-time favs! My gal Shelley came to see me for two weeks after not seeing one another for 30 years. I felt one way to seal the deal of sisterly and mischievous love was to be my very best me and do what I was born to do, “COOK”. Regardless what I was going through at the time, there was a super sweet angel going to be on my doorstep soon. What a grand time we had for the 4th of July, a week of monsoons and champagne. We even managed to tweak out a drunken 2am pink painting too.