Personally, I hate clutter, and while feeling that way I tend to allow it in some areas of my domicile, like, my jewelry or my clothes. Otherwise, I clean and organize my desk, my kitchen, my junk drawers, etc. when I simply can’t stand to look at it any longer. Don’t misunderstand me; cleaning is different than organizing and minimizing, but to me, in my head; it’s the same thing.

Why is it that we hold on to things, my thought on that is that I personally have no reason to have “family heirlooms”, or “keepsakes”; I have no one to leave them to. Although, there are dear friends with daughters and granddaughters that would probably love to be willed my most precious jewelry, handbags, electronics, and for certain my art, my collected works as well.

For most of us, purging and renewing our space is cathartic and emotionally cleansing, and sets us on a refreshed outlook for the next thing down the road, like a new love (not in my case) or adopting a new pet or even life changes like fostering a child or two, starting a new business, whatever it is it’s a clean slate for a new beginning. I feel like anything is possible when I make room in my life for new wares and personal items, best of all when I feel emotionally cleansed of things that may, without my realizing, hold me back.

Purge Be Refreshed

Now, this moment is the most important moment of your life. Each moment is and can be life-changing for you or someone you love. When we purge and dump our dredge and old stuff we make room for brightness, joy, happiness, even miracles. Give back to your neighbors, the less fortunate, and do it without regret. Be determined to let go of that or those things that remind you of a time when life was more difficult, tragic, or even happy. There are only so many things we can bare both blissful and heartbreaking. Whomever your higher power is, give your emotional woes to that, have your faith, discern that you can grow by letting go because you can.

~ Yours Truly, Patsy Dale