Does anyone truly know us?

Take a breathe through the response of your personal big picture, exhale the minutia and then take on one priority at a time. You may be surprised what else gets worked out when you try this process. – Patsy Dale

To me there are not just things that need to get done in the way of housework, business both work and personal, but work on your outlook, your emotional well being, your confidence, this is just as important as the tasks of the day to day in your life.

Believe me when I share, “I AM NOT an expert”. I am damaged and have a my own truly soul crushing steps to get through to be a more complete woman and human being that I can truly be proud of. What helps me to keep from feeling counterproductive or foolhardy as it were, is that I genuinely care about the happiness of others. I often share my thoughts or give solicited advise knowing that I also have miles to go in my self betterment journey. What helps me to own my own process is that I may be of help to someone that for the moment may not have a working personal compass or road map due to being overwhelmed by their “big picture”!

Let’s just say, unless you are a spiritually empty person, you should not be self-deprecating. Sure, it’s easy to think or say; “Gosh, I’m fat, I’m not insightful, I’m not worth much, any of those should never be expressed aloud without knowing a path to work out that issue. I am guilty of self-shaming about how my breasts are much to big and how I often don’t see an end to the pain they cause my body and confidence.

I can accept that this part of my physique is something I cannot change right now or ever, and allow myself to heal over it by learning to dress in way that I can actually say to myself, “I look nice in this top”. Stop letting your lifetime of negative conditioning lead the way down a rabbit hole of self-hate and self-imposed humiliation. Focus on what you do love about yourself and ride that wave instead. You are of value, you have many talents and treasures, you are capable of love, beauty, humor, kindness, just to name a few.

Always keeping faith, ~ Patsy Dale