You betcha!

I believe it, because I am changing every day. Adaptation is key to survival these days, and through adapting I have found that my expectations of others has changed. I expect that we all share our wealth of love, kindness, forgiveness (even when it hurts), faithfulness, loyalty, and so much more.

I have come to realize that the reason I get disappointed in others, is because they don’t live from the basic good choices that I do. So…if someone is not kind, or loving, loyal or generous (of heart, of anything), then I cannot be upset with them, I must accept them for who they are and file them in a place in my life where they belong and most likely to the back of the line and then into the past.

 To those that have claimed to be a friend or family, there is no exception to this rule, if you don’t mean it, don’t you dare say it! If a person cannot speak the truth without being torn down over it what has the world come to? When life seems to suck, check yourself before others and remember not to set your expectations of others nearly as high as you set for yourself. You will be assuredly surprised when those expectations are exceeded and won’t that be a lift to your moment. 

Speak up, because animosity is a killer of relationships, so why are people so afraid to hash it out and move on. We don’t always get what we want, and compromise is born from generosity and love. Personally, I give until it hurts, to be certain, but that does not make me less strong, it is in my nature to nurture. There is nothing wrong with loving to be needed. 

Now, when I have needs, there is no one to be found except a precious few of which I am truly blessed to have in my life. I want to thank you and you know who you are. 

I will do what I do best, with every breath that I take, I will give thanks to my Lord for the blessings that I do have and even those that have not presented themselves, and trust that I will see tomorrow bright and shiny! I will be a loving friend and complete stranger. I will pray for everyone on the planet, because that’s the way I roll! Sounds dumb I know, but it’s true. As I am a pretty true person. 

Giving it to God, is all we have sometimes; my savior will do what is right for me.

Always keeping faith, Patsy Dale