Here, I have pan roasted Salmon with crispy skin seasoned with lemon pepper and garlic seasoning. The sauce is a homemade creamy lemon pepper vinaigrette using Greek yogurt, olive oil and a touch of buttermilk. (I told you my flavors are unique), super unctuous. Alongside, simple chopped garden veggies no seasoned because the sauce is meant to share w/ the veggies.

Broiled Salmon

Look folks, I make it up as I go along…While I shop in store or online these days, I virtually taste and see what my ingredients might be. I can almost tasted it so I tend to find near perfection in my choices of seasoning and other ingredients. The sad thing is, I rarely write my creations down so it’s never the exact flavor as the previous version. A great many frustrated friends over the years begged me to create a recipe, sorry kids…I’ll be sure to work on that!

I did create a “recipe” for the sauce/dressing, leave a comment or use the contact form on About page and I can send it to you! Better yet, “Subscribe” why don’t you.