Hidden Side Of Me by Patsy Dale


So if you think that “digital” art is not a true form of artistic expression, you would be wrong! These paintings took me from days to weeks to months and yes, even a few over a year to bring to conclusion well enough that I could say, “it’s done”.

~ Patsy Dale (P. Dale ART)

First, I want to share with you that I have been drawing since I was about 11 yrs old. Sketching things I see and copying my version of something in a book or from a deck of cards. I remember my grandmother had a deck of cards with a beautiful Toucan bird on them, and such vivid colors. My mother became frustrated with me for some reason, (often there was no real reason, that was how she was with me) and she gave me the deck and said, “Dale, go in your room and draw this bird or do something in your room for a while, now go!” Of course I will be honest and say she never just asked, she screamed it.

So from that day forward I started sketching and drawing along with my poetry and other writings that sprang from being mostly raised in my bedroom and having to find my essential me so early on in my life. I still have everything that I have ever written that was not lost in my myriad of moves and even homelessness as a young woman out in the world with no back up.

There won’t be any of my youthful drawings here unless I can find the one or two that I have hidden away somewhere. What you will find here first are my expressive creations in digital format. When I left a very broken long term relationship in 2006 most of the work starts there to now. There are a few unrefined drawings and paintings from older primitive applications that I may brave to share, if only to give background to a post or writing.

The program I used gave me full license to choose my mediums, and my substrates (yes I know the term may be ill used as it is a scientific term) but to me, my paper, canvas, metal, glass, plastic and fabrics became living things for the paint and processes to live on as I deemed. The tools we plenty in the choice the application gave me. brushes, rollers, palette knives, air brush, gloop pens, stencils, pencil, markers and so much more.

Yours Truly, Patsy Dale



ABSTRACTS ON CANVAS by Patsy Dale (P. Dale)

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