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My Viewpoint, My Works, My Expressive Gratitude & Hope! I simply want to share.

Since I was able to form my very first expression of creativity I had an ability to know when I became that essential me that I did not want to lose sight of; and that it was always inside, I just needed to find it.

My art, my expressiveness, my hopes, and my way of sharing what works for me is my way of giving beauty and love to the universe. If there is one thing I live for it’s my faith. I feel that I was put here to impact others in such a way that my imprint on the world; while I am here, will have been for good through love, kindness, and a passion for also being essential for others.

“You’re better than any rainbow- You’re brighter than the sun- You look like my first day of summer when my spring is on the run. You’re gold and more gold and your platinum too, with snow toned copper attitude, I don’t know what I’d do without you”

Lyrics of : Your Every Color by Train

“I Live With A Broken Heart and God is the Glue that Binds the Shards.”


This is going to be a blunt and honest section, because I believe if I am going to ask my subscribers and visitors to stick around then that is what’s called for in getting to know me and the motives and inspiration for my blog, art and overall “who I am”.

All my life I have been around chronic illnesses, sickness, and addiction. Through it all…I came out okay, for the most part, no addiction issues but definitely relationship issues. We all experience emotional battering, physical battering, especially in relationships where we believe that we have met “the one”. All of these factors have molded me into who I am today but the most impactful influence in my life is God! Because of my faith, I am spared from the need of substances that cause life-destroying addictions. I am far from perfect, I may be broken in places and fractured in others, I am also whole in my faith so my soul and heart are and have always been filled with love, compassion, and forgiveness. To me; My Life Is A Living Miracle.

My family (and my father’s extended family) and a family I never knew on my birth mother’s side were all extremely complicated and there were secrets I will never have the answers for, but what I do know is that I LOVED THEM IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING. I may not have felt loved in the same way that a child should feel loved and even though my journey to a young woman; however, I know they loved me in their own ways. I continue to mourn the loss of my family because so much was left unsaid, undone, and broken. There are some great memories of my childhood, but not as many there should be. My advice for my readers and supporters is that you waste not one moment in time in the darkness of some family matters and move into the light as best you can. If you can honestly say that you have done everything you could to show your love, respect, and devotion to your family, then you are blessed beyond measure. (Even if you still have hurt over those relationships). Give it to your higher power and now live for YOU.

I give back to others as often as I can personally and through my little nonprofit organization. Please consider giving back to those that help others, your rewards will be abundant in so many ways!

If you love my art or the way I write and are interested in my creating something for you please reach out. If you want to make a tax-deductible donation to my nonprofit organization please reach out or visit for more information.

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