The Past Makes Me Grateful!

I wrote this in 2013.

Today I found my old HTC EVO, what a mighty little computer/phone it was. Well…I have texts from 2011 on it, and I read through some of them today. I felt many types of emotions and thought a few things in particular.

I found that back then I was really trying to be of use to others, to be loving and kind, to be of faith!

I found that family does not always act in a familial way.

I found that everyone is capable of emotional abuse. We just do it in our own way.

I found that some friends I knew since we were children; were not friends at all, they only needed me for their stuff. (I gave freely) it’s who I am.

I found that I was taken advantage of all the time. (But I let it happen)

I found that I was adored and respected.

I found that Hope is a blessing.

I found my faith’s foundation.

I found that forgiveness will set you free.

I find that regardless of how I see the past now, there is always pain from betrayal and my love of friends and family that will go unnoticed. 

I mourn the loss of so many relationships, for the right reasons and for the wrong reasons. 

Today….life is short, and I believe that we need to let go of what keeps our days and nights from being full of lightness, grace, and love.

I pity those people in my past that let me go. It’s not my loss; it’s theirs. (Thanks Daddy!)

So as I delete the past from the mighty EVO, I say: Thanks for all of the memories, I am who I am today because of them, and I Love Me. 

Always keeping the faith, Patsy Dale