© Written 1997 by Patsy Dale Henson

My breath is gone. My sight is narrow. My spirit pale.

The tears are hot, at the edge of my heart waiting to burn through it.

We wait all our lives to find the one that completes us, and then we strip our souls naked and trust all that we know, with this came something I cannot describe, just look into my eyes and tell me what you see; a shell, an emptiness that is so deep there cannot possibly be a way out.

My beautiful, my sweet, never have I been touched, as you have hurt me so true. “100 million temple kisses” are all I care to remember of you.

This memory that I cling so tightly to brings the same pain as your love. I cannot resist. I cannot say no. I will forever dream our dream.

Your anger will linger as a constant reminder of the chaos that I endured. No miracles or wishes or guarded desires shall ever set it right. There isn’t an angel or a friend to share the fear of what I may become.

I remain in pain, I still feel the rip through the center of my being; will “one day” come? The day of clarity, the day I am set free of the 100 million temple kisses you left with me.

~Yours Truly, Patsy Dale