This Blog is to serve many purposes; mainly to share what I consider to be meaningful communication, visual expressions of what would mostly be considered sharable and worthwhile.

As the Sole Proprietor of my life, I simply want to lend a hand in creating a nicer place to live in our world, until I can’t anymore. Grant it, there may be a well written and sometimes sarcastic rant with an underlying tone of humor posted here for your entertainment. Believe me I am most always an appreciated contributor but sometimes yes, I can be overlooked! If my personality is anything like my cooking, you should find something about my uniquely creative mind and perspective to appreciate in the end. Besides, cooking for me is just another form of art. Twice the reveal, first the visual and then the flavor.

Although I am broken and flawed, I am also repaired, redeemed and forgiven. Using those flaws as a foundation for who I am and want to become as my journey goes. There will be no politics here, no hatred, no one-sided rants because that is a venting that you do with a good friend or God (my personal favorite). On the latter as a note, I am a true believer but will not use that belief to fuel any fires or as a vehicle to push any agendas.

I will express love, humor, creative ideas, photos, art, interesting tid-bits about lots of stuff and stories. My hope is to allow this blog to evolve as I have in life; through experience, critical and free-flowing thinking and yes, I am of both capabilities. Finally, be prepared if you follow me, to be surprised and bored, to laugh and cry, to be shocked and put at ease. This girl is a little bit of everything, and that can be a real trip.

~Yours truly, Patsy Dale

Latest from the Blog

Being Truly Patsy

Where Is The Positivity?

If you expect YOU out of the behavior of others, it is unrealistic thinking, I have been thinking unrealistically and am not afraid to admit it. What I can tout, is that because I am not considered the following, I feel as if my viewpoint is more flexible and yes, reasonable. Tough if you do not like it.

Humiliation At Work?

I Trusted My Employer Who Was A Trust: I Was HUMILIATED!

I wanted to create this post today after finding and reading email correspondence from a previous employer from 2018. I will not mention or put on my resume due to the humiliation I suffered while working for this “law” firm. After a physical / medical condition that I suffer from occasionally became the topic of […]

Fragile State

Fragile State

The below Letter in “bold” from November 6, 2008 was inspired by my life’s circumstances at the time, I wanted to share a preamble first, so that you might get to know me better. The history for the Fragile State Letter; A broken engagement, moving from a home on a golf course to a rental […]

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